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My Feet Are Killing Me - What Can I Do?

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Many of us have known that dreaded feeling that leads us to utter " My feet are killing me" Sore feet & foot pain appear to be a contemporary malaise that is on the increase.

The range of feasible foot conditions is sizable, ingrown toenails, heel spurs, bunions, arthritis, hammer toes, to name but a few.

Neglect your feet at your own risk � alternatively look after them & you will be richly rewarded.

So what causes sore feet & how might they prevent these conditions.

* Causes

The causes are varied & can include ill-fitting shoes, standing on your feet for excessive periods of time, also not attending to minor illnesses thus allowing them to become more serious. Some sports fans cause destroy to their feet by working out excessively & not taking sufficient rest.

Feet that have been consistently neglected or ignored can feel as though they have lost their `spring`. They can swell, blister, burn, or feel very tender. Again, ill-fitting shoes may cause lots of of these conditions & an examination of footwear is always a lovely beginning point.

Regardless of the causes, one thing is positive, you require relief & you require it now!


Sometimes every day sore feet can�t be prevented due to job or lifestyle demands. However, by adopting a few simple commonsense measures you can greatly assist with comfort & foot health.

By choosing to wear comfortable shoes with shock absorbing insoles you can reduce unnecessary pressure.

Ask yourself honestly, whether fashion ought to have a greater priority than lovely foot comfort & health in your life?

Try also massaging your feet & taking soothing herbal footbaths, made with yarrow, sage, thyme, or peppermint with a scoop of baking soda & Epsom salts added.

Pay particular attention to your foot hygiene, a every day method of examining & caring for your feet will pay dividends in improved foot health.

Do see a specialist if your feet are chronically sore, & changing your shoe surroundings doesn�t help alleviate a number of the soreness. They or they may pick to check for misalignment issues, ingrown toenails, arthritis, bunion development & other feasible causative factors.

Above all, research further & discover more on how to promote excellent foot health. Your feet are so important & there is a lot more to learn about their care & attention.

They do take them for granted & actually notice them when there is a controversy � make a point of learning more & treating better!


Found this convenient? There is a great deal more free information obtainable on a range of foot issues available at :

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